The museum presents the history of Estonian drink culture and Luscher & Matiesen’s over 100-year-old legend. In the 800-year-old cellar rooms the guests get to know exciting stories and view interesting exhibits. The museum has an aroma corner where visitors get to sense the typical aromas of wines. The museum is situated in Toompea hill at the same place where Luscher & Matiesen wine factory operated during the first independence of Estonia. From the courtyard and the reception rooms of the museum opens a magnificent and unique view over the rooftops of Tallinn Old Town.

Services and prices 2017
Luscher & Matiesen Museum of Estonian Drink Culture was nominated for the Best Tourism Object of Estonia in 2014. The museum was also selected in to the short list of World Luxury Travel Awards 2017.

Drink Stop
A drink pause in the museum or the museum’s private courtyard. Includes a short presentation of Luscher & Matiesen’s history and the museum entrance. (15 – 20 mins)

  • Estonian fruit/berrywine: 7,50 € / pax
  • Mullet wine (glögg): 7,50 € / pax
  • Sparkling wine/wine: 9,00 € / pax
  • Craft beer: 9,00 € / pax

We offer also a selection of snacks (Estonian cheese and meat) to accompany the drink:

  • Small: 4 € / pax
  • Medium: 6 € / pax
  • Large: 10 € / pax

Guided museum excursion with degustation

During the excursion, the history and culture of Estonian juice production, wine making, beer brewing and vodka distilling is presented. During the visit the guests get to know the tragic and exciting legend of Luscher & Matiesen until the re-birth of the company.  During the excursion, also cold climate viticulture of Estonia and Luscher & Matiesen’s wine growing project are presented to the guests.

Juice tasting (35-60 minutes)

  • Museum excursion with tasting of 1 juice, price: 10 € / pax
  • Museum excursion with tasting of 3 juices, price: 16 € / pax

Wine tasting No.1 (35-50 minutes)

  • Estonian fruit/berry wine (8cl), price: 12,50 € / pax
  • Sparkling wine (12cl), price: 14 € / pax

Wine tasting No.2  (40-60 minutes)

  • 2 Estonian fruit/berry wines (6cl / wine), price: 15€ / pax

Wine tasting No. 4 (appr. 1,5 hours)

  • 4 Estonian fruit/berry wines (6cl / wine), price: 22 € / pax

Estonian drinks (1,5 – 2 hours)

  • 6 Estonian alcoholic beverages: cider/sparkling wine, craft beer, fruit/berry wine, berry liqueur, strong liqueur, vodka
  • Price: 29 € / pax
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